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Haining FengCai Textile Co.,Ltd.
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Haining FengCai Textile Co.,Ltd.

Haining FENGCAI TEXTILE Co.,Ltd. was established in 2009, located in Haining Warp Knitting Science & Technology Industrial Zone,Zhejiang Province. We are 125 kilometers from Shanghai and 60 kilometers from Hangzhou .We are a leading warp knitted fabric manufacturer and exporter in China.We own yarn factory, warp knitting factory and dyeing factory. Already passed ISO9001:2000.Main products are korea velvet(stretch velvet), stretch velboa, tricot, tricot brushed , suede, golden velvet, super poly...
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China Haining FengCai Textile Co.,Ltd.


Year Established

9500000 +

Annual Sales

120 +


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